The “& Us Project”

The "& US" Project is a series of benefit concerts created and produced by Giulia Millanta to support worthy causes through music. Great artists gather together to pay homage to great music stars of the past and the present such as Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty and David Bowie, just to name a few.

All proceeds from the concerts go to a benefit initiative Giulia chooses to support for its recognized impact on society and on the safeguard of our planet.

I sat down one day and asked myself:

How can I be of service with what I do? That’s when I started creating the Benefit Concerts. These benefits showcase some of the most prominent and talented songwriters Austin has to offer while paying our respects to amazing artists that inspired all of us.

The format I came up with has 8 songwriters perform two songs: one original and one by the artist we are giving tribute to.


The SIMS Foundation provides mental health and substance use recovery services and support for musicians, music industry professionals, and their dependent family members. Through education, community partnerships, and accessible managed care, SIMS seeks to destigmatize and reduce mental health and substance use issues, while supporting and enhancing the wellbeing of the music community at large.

HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians) keeps our music community healthy by providing access to affordable health care for Austin’s working musicians, with a focus on prevention and wellness.

Since 2005 HAAM has helped over 4,900 musicians access over 56,000 healthcare appointments valued at over $44 million dollars. These includeroutine dental work, doctor visits and prescriptions, psychiatric counseling sessions, eye exams, out-patient procedures, specialist referrals, hearing screenings and more.

Music brings people together and gathers them around these crucial issues: reduction of greenhouse emissions (CO2), and conservation of trees and endangered species thus granting a future for ourselves and our kids.

We are protecting the core biological aspects of Earth’s climate and life support systems.

These are the numbers:


◦ 1,401.8 acres

◦ +280,000 trees

◦ +10,000 peoples’ annual oxygen supply

◦ +25,000,000 gallons annual freshwater production

◦ +1,400 tons annual CO2 captured and stored in the forests

◦ +300,000 tons forest-stored CO2 protected

DYLAN & US: A Tribute Night to Bob Dylan
March 10th, 2019
One-2-One Bar, Austin, Tx

Featured artists:

Guy Forsyth

Alex Ruiz (Del Castillo)

Rosie Flore

Giulia Millanta

Phil Hurley

William Harries Graham

Barbara Nesbit

Jeska Forsyth

LeeAnn Atherton

Special thanks to Bill Murray of Concerts 4 Austin Charities for sponsoring the event

TOM & US: A Tribute Night to Tom Petty
December 28th, 2017
One-2-One Bar, Austin, Tx

Featured artists:

Giulia Millanta

Gabriel Rhodes

Noelle Hampton and Andre Moran

David Pulkingham

Matt Hubbard

William Harries Graham

Johnny Goudie

Lonnie Trevino Jr.

Special thanks to Gretchen Janzow for sponsoring the event

Check out the breakdown of how Biointegrity used our donation to protect the environment here!

Other ‘& US’ Events

PAUL & US: A Tribute Night to Paul McCartney - September 29, 2019

DAVID & US: A Tribute Night to David Bowie - April 22th, 2018

NEIL & US: A Tribute Night to Neil Young - September 20th, 2017

LEONARD & US: A Tribute Night to Leonard Cohen - May 28th, 2017

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